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Learn to be out of the league

Live interactive sessions by expert educators, Podcasts, Engaging Quizzes and a lot more...

Thoughtfully curated for the holistic development of your kids

Can Learning be fun, engaging & meaningful?

Yes, of course!

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When learning sessions are loaded with videos & animations

When expert educators add the extra fun through activities & role-plays

When kids are thrilled to move up the leaderboard!!

When kids learn through interactive live sessions

When kids get to play engaging quizzes

When kids get to share n learn and win accolades

Let's explore the Universe of Maveriq with Mav!

Why parents love Maveriq ??


Puja Das, Bangalore
A mother and a well known Columnist

"Maveriq’s endeavours to comprehensively include many different things on one platform is praiseworthy. The idea to engage kids through stories, role-plays, activities etc and to nurture the 21st century skills sets them apart. As a mother, I was delighted to see an assessment framework which evaluates a kid’s understanding from the sessions"


Archana Verma, Bangalore
A mother and a Fashion Designer 

"Maveriq has addressed my concern of engaging my kid in a productive way through its live sessions. Their motive to encourage kids to ask questions, explore new things and learn through interactions is unique and effective"


Dr Jaikant, Patna
A father and a Surgeon

"As a father of three daughters, I realise it is very important for them to learn the life skills and be prepared for future. I can connect with Maveriq’s vision on these lines as they are trying to develop confidence and a solution seeking mentality among kids. Their sessions on Creative Expression & Languages are the need of the hour as they focus on creativity and articulation skills"

Nalin_Test 2.jpg

Nalin Vilochan, Bangalore
A father and a Software Engineer

"It is really impressive to have both subject based concepts and co-curriculars on one single platform with a specific focus to develop skills among kids. Maveriq's unique intention to inspire kids to explore and seek solutions themselves is really constructive"


Jyoti Singh, Dubai
A mother and a Working Professional

"I am elated to see Maveriq’s approach to bring multi-dimensional learning methods on it’s platform. As a mother of 2 young kids, I can relate to this approach and believe that it provides the kind of holistic (yet fun) learning experience that parents seek for their children"


Sudip Sinha, Australia
A father and a SAP Analyst

"The objective of Maveriq to make it’s sessions fun and engaging is really special. Their idea of having exciting quizzes after every session will inspire the kids to actively participate and retain better throughout their sessions"

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